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Anasoft litera 2012 Winner
2006, 2013 Finalist


(1967) Nové Zámky


A laureate of the Ivan Krasko Prize, a winner of the literary contests Poviedka, Slovenská Poviedka, Jašíkove Kysuce and many others, Vladimír Balla made his debut in 1996 with the book of short stories Leptokaria. In his second book, Outsideria (1997), he converted a series of short stories into a novel. These works were followed by the collections of short narratives Gravidita / Gravidity (2000), Tichý kút / A Silent Corner (2001), Unglik (2003). His book De la Cruz published in 2005 was selected as one of ten finalists of the literary prize Anasoft litera. Three years later, he published the short story collection Cudzí / Foreign (2008). His books were translated and published in Slovenia, Czech Republic and Poland. His recent work V mene otca / In the Name of Father (2011) earned him another nomination for the Anasoft litera Prize, which he became the seventh laureate. He made it to the finals again in 2012 with his collection of short stories Oko / Eye (2012).




Oko / Eye 

KK Bagala 



The book composed of three short stories is protagonised by ordinary people living their everyday lives who suddenly find themselves in absurd situations. However, these are situations anyone can end up in. Or maybe not. But one thing is certain: Balla´s characters are subject to his typical irony and the book proves again his extraordinary talent to see a spark of something extraordinary even in the most common things.  


V mene otca / In the Name of the Father 

KK Bagala 



Balla – the master alchemist of contemporary Slovak prose - is undoubtedly one of the most interesting contemporary Central European writers. To him, a drop of water is equally interesting and complex as the whole universe, a biblical figure is just as contemporary as his workmates and even the most ordinary block of flats that he sees from his window seems so close and so distant and mysterious at the same time as the planet Mercury...



In 2013, it was translated to Dutch and published under the name of In de naam van de vader by the publishing house Uitgeverij Douane.










De la Cruz

KK Bagala 



Besides the typical Balla´s short stories the book includes a wide range of micro-short stories up to one page long. Some of them oscillate between micro-fiction and aphorisms.



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