Anasoft litera

Jana Beňová            

2009 & 2013 Finalist


(1974) Bratislava


Graduated in theatre dramaturgy at the Academy of Performing Arts (VŠMU) in Bratislava. She has written three poetry books: Svetloplachý / Lucifugous (1993, Hevi), Lonochod (1997) and Nehota (1997). She has also written the prose Parker (Ľúbostný román) / Parker (The Love Novel) in the Odpad edition of the Park publishing house in 2000 and a collection of short stories Dvanásť poviedoka Ján Med / Twelve Short Stories and Ján Med (2003, L. C. A.). During the period of 2002 – 2008, she worked in the daily newspaper SME, where she was writing under the pen name Jana Parkrová. Between 2009 and 2012 she worked as an editor in the editorial department of the Theatre Institute, now she is a freelance. In 2008, she published the prose Plán odprevádzania (Café Hyena) / The Plan of Escorting (Café Hyena), nominated for Anasoft litera and awarded European Union Prize for Literature in 2012, this year her novel Preč! Preč! / Off! Off!, published by Marenčin PT, was selected to the finals of Anasoft litera 2013.








Preč! Preč! / Off! Off!
Marenčin PT



Rosa, a woman of forty, grew up next to the train station and she´s always preferred trains to any other means of transport. One just has to start running and… jump in! Especially when January lasts 12 months. Running from her work and from her husband, she meets a man with deceivingly blue eyes, an owner of a puppet theatre who wishes to travel around the world with his play about the Snow Queen. All the roads suddenly lead to the north. South starts to be suspicious when you turn thirty. And what about the sea? There is none, but they don´t need it anyway.  


Plán odprevádzania / The Plan of Escorting 
KK Bagala



Café Hyena is a traditional café in the centre of Bratislava where tourists mingle with regulars and lovers. The book is about the importance of accompanying and protecting the loved ones. Especially on their journeys through the labyrinths of Petržalka, given that the Minotaur has disappeared without a trace.

Café Hyena (Plán vyprovázení)

Czech Republic





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