Anasoft litera

Robert Bielik

2007 Finalist




Poet, prose writer, painter. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts (VŠMU). Books: Splny na inom nebi / The Full Moons on a Different Sky (1991), Rehoľa márnomyseľných bratov / The Order of Priggish brothers (1992), Ukrižuj sa! / Crucify Yourself! (1996), Mandragora (1997), Mesačný brat / Moon Brother (1999), Gompa (2001), Sansilia (2006) and Zanzibar (2011).













A notebook of the Slovak “poète maudit“ and “sad monk” in one person, represents a profound insight into the poet´s mind, his bitter childhood memories and views on life, God, poetry, priesthood, church, nation…





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