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Jaroslava Blažková

2006 Winner of the Award of the SME daily readers

2014 Finalist


(1933) Velké Meziříčí


She entered Slovak literature in the sixties. Her books Nylonový mesiac /Nylon Moon (1961, 1963, 1965, 1967), Jahniatko a grandi / The Lamb and the Grands(1964), as well as the books for children, raised roaring discussions and brought massive popularity to her. In 1968, she immigrated to Canada and was erased from the history of Slovak literature. In 1997, she published a selection of her older prose called ...ako z gratulačnej karty.../ ...just like from a congratulation card... and in 2001 the book Svadba v Káne Galilejskej / The Wedding in Cana of Galilee, which consists of the works from seventies and nineties. The texts from the book Happyendy / Happy Endings were created during the period from 2002 to 2005 when she was taking care of  her husband, who was seriously sick.

The continual part of Blažková’s work are books for children and youth, i. e.: Ohňostroj pre deduška / Fireworks for Grandpa (1962), Môj skvelý brat Robinson / My Great Brother Robinson (1968), etc. Rozprávky z červenej ponožky / The Red Sock Stories (2002), Traja nebojsovia a duch Miguel / The Three Braves and Miguel, the Ghost (2003), Minka a Pyžaminka / Minka a Pyžaminka (2003) were published in the reissues currently.


More detailes on The Centre for Information on Literature webpage.


To decko je blázon (Zo spomienok rozmaznanej dcérušky) / The Kid is a Fool (Memories of the Spoiled Daughter)




Alluring early childhood memoir, packed with witty comments, full of typically "blažkovaesque"; soft humour. Enthusiastic, delicate little girl's entertaining reflections from the observations of the unknown world, people, plants and animals are charming and humorous, but painful and rough at the same time.

Happyendy / Happy Endings




13 narrative reflections in the form of 13 letters that were written between 2002 and 2005, in the period when the author was nursing her severely ill husband. In her interpretation, there is a chance for every end to be a happy one, which is why each of them deserves to be gone through with love, humour, spicy irony and heart-warming imagination. Quoting the author, Jarka Blažková: “…one needs optimism to survive advanced age.”


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