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Jana Bodnárová

2009 Finalist


(1950) Jakubovany


She graduated in the fine arts science. Since the early 90’s, she has dedicaded herself almost exclusively to literary work. Besides publishing new prosaic books, books for children, radio plays and TV scenarios (Smutný valčík / The Sad Waltz, Fragmenty malomesta / The Fragments of a Small Town), and from mid 90’s, she also began dedicating herself to the creation and presentation of video performances in domestic, as well as foreign galleries and experimental theatre scenes.

She wrote 17 books for adults and children, several plays for radio and theatre, and also scenarios for TV movies.

In 1990, she won the Ivan Krasko award for the prose Affair of the Reason. Her play The Course of Oriental Dancing won the Dráma 2004 competition.

In 2005, her book Insomnia got published in the edition of the ASPEKT publishing. It consisted of these texts: Mandolína / Mandolin, Nočná samovrava / Nightly Soliloquy and Popríbehy / Afterstories and in 2008 Tamker neviditeľná / Almost Invisible.


More detailes on The Centre for Information on Literature webpage.


Takmer neviditeľná / Almost Invisible




The poetic autobiography of Jana Bodnárová is an ode to the slow pace, to the memories and people that slow down our everyday haste. We also have to read the book slowly if we want to grasp the nuances of the gently flowing poetics of its hyperrealist fragments. 

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