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Zuzana Cigánová

2008 & 2013 Finalist


(1947) Bratislava


Her career began as a little child acting in the movie Malá manekýnka / Small model, followed by Romance pro křídlovku / Romance for Cornet (1966) by Otakar Vávra, where she acted with Jaromír Hanzlík, Slávnosť v botanickej záhrade / The Celebration in the Botanical Garden (1969) by Elo Havetta and others. Since 1970 she has been working in the Drama department of the Slovak National Theatre. She has performed in nearly two hundred TV films and inscenations. She is also the author of the books: Kúsok cesty okolo sveta / Part of the Way around the World (1991), Dopadne to dosť dobre, pes bude rád / It Will End up Good Enough, the Dog Will Be Glad (1995), K+K alebo naša etuda / K+K or Our Etude (2004), Šampanské, káva, pivo / Champaigne, Coffee, Beer (2007), Divadelná hra / Drama (2011) and Špaky v tŕní / The Thorn Cigarette Butts (2012).


Špaky v tŕní / The Thorn Cigarette Butts

Vydavateľstvo Spolku slovenských spisovateľov



A bittersweet story of a single mother who wasn´t given a chance to enjoy big things in life, so she enjoys the small ones. Her everyday harsh reality entwines with her fantasy, she daydreams and blends imaginary events with the real ones. The author´s intention was to depict the everyday troubles and joys we all have in common regardless of where we come from.


Šampanské, káva, pivo / Champagne, Coffee, Beer

Vydavateľstvo Spolku slovenských spisovateľov



The highly topical book composed of three short novels is set in three different environments: in a high-end apartment, in an office and finally, in the street, where curious stories of three men take place.



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