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Ivana Dobrakovová


2010, 2011 and 2014 Finalist


(1982) Bratislava


Graduated in translation and interpretation in English and French, from the Faculty of Philosophy at the Comenius University. Currently, she is a freelance translator. She is the winner of the literary competitions, Jašíkove Kysuce 2007 and Poviedka 2008.

In 2009, she debuted with a collection of short stories named Prvá smrť v rodine / The First Death in the Family. In 2010, she published a novel Bellevue. In 2013, her collection of short stories Toxo was published.

She lives in Torino.








Marenčin PT



The stars of the stories are mostly young Slovak women, searching for their place abroad, in relationships with foreigners. Throughout their journeys, they encounter happiness, as well as the pains of the motherhood and the ambivalent feelings towards other mothers and children. Amongst malicious cleaning ladies, ever-so-busy husbands and impertinent shop keepers, the women come to a conclusion, that they are the only ones who can help themselves. At times, they get horrified by the negative sides of their own personalities.  




Marenčin PT



A nineteen year old girl named Blanka works as a volunteer in a centre for physically disabled in Marseille. While she takes care of the residents, helping them with everyday tasks, she explores the town and the relationships around her. Her observations are gradually distorted by depression and she loses the ability to confront human suffering and pain, and in the end, the will to face the reality. The novel is an unusually successful attempt to penetrate the thinking of people affected by depression.


In 2013, it was translated to Polish and published by the publishing house Słowackie Klimaty.











Prvá smrť v rodine / The First Death in the Family


Marenčin PT



Debut collection of stories dominated by interpersonal relationships, mainly intimate, family and loved ones, above all the complicated relationship between a daughter and a father. The heroine is a young girl, facing the uneasy existential situations. An important and heavily repeated motive is the body, its changes, even denying ones own body, psychical disorders, death or sexual and social fobias. The short stories, full of intensity and mysticism, frequently end up with a surprising point.

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