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Dušan Šimko


2010 Finalist


(1945) Košice


Shortly after the soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1968, he emigrated and settled down in Switzerland, where he received a political asylum. He finished his studies in Basel, where he currently works as an associate professor at the Institute of Geography at the University of Basel. His feuilleton contributions have appeared in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, the Frankfurter Rundschau, the Rheinischer Merkur, the Bund, the Tages Anzeiger and the Weltwoche. From 1978 till 1989 he was a freelance collaborator with Swiss Radio DRS 2 and Radio Free Europe. After the fall of the totalitarian regime in Czechoslovakia Šimko could at last also publish in his native country.

He published the books Maratón Juana Zabalu / Juan Zabala’s Marathon (1984), Japonský diván / Japanese Sofa (1993), Šiesty prápor / Sixth Ensign (1997), Esterházyho lokaj / Esterházy’s Butler (2000), Exil v Bazileji / Exile in Basel (2003) and Gubbio – kniha udavačov / Gubbio - The Book of Traitors (2009). He published his short stories in more anthologies.


photo: Jan Vaniš



Gubbio. Kniha udavačov / Gubbio. The Book of Traitors

Edition Ryba



The six stories from the book called Gubbio take place in different historical periods at the different places in Europe. Its heroes move across Zürich, Basel, Vienna or Novi Sad, with the same sovereignty as they dwell in Prague or in Košice. Although the characters and the period sets change, something still remains: always, at least in the background, there is somebody who observes, nuzzles, reports or denunciates... The six stories of Gubbio are connected by an eternal topic of denunciation, collaboration and treason.

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