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Dušan Dušek

2007 SME Readers’ Choice Award Winner

2011 and 2014 Finalist 



(1946) Gbelce


Prose and poetry writer, film scenario writer (Ružové sny / Rosy Dreams, Ja milujem, ty miluješ / I Love, You Love, Krajinka / Landscape and others). From the books: Strecha domu / The Roof of the House (1972), Pištáčik / Little Chirper (1980), Poloha pri srdci / The Location Nearby the Heart (1982), Kufor na sny / Trunk for Dreams (1993), Teplomer / Thermometer (1996), Pešo do neba / To Heaven on Foot (2000), Vták na jednej nohe / The Bird on One Leg (2003), Zima na ruky / Cold on Hands (2006), Holá veta o láske / A Simple Sentence About Love (2010). He is the laureate of the Dominik Tatarka Award.


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Melón sa vždy smeje / The Melon Always Laughs




Some books are like trees. They grow gradually; their crowns, full of air, birds and maturing fruit expand little by little. The stories of a writer Adam and his wife Cinnamon who is a doctor are made of these natural resources. Each branch, each stalk is yet another continuation, springing from the same root. The narrator may be the wind, which mends the leaves after falling off again and creates new waves within them. Their journey, nourished by the opiate warmth of hugs quiets at the exact same place, where two ripe melons laugh.



Holá veta o láske / A Simple Sentence About Love




Three novellas by Dušan Dušek situated in the environment of filmmaking are connected by the motif of love, which can be anticipated from the title of the book. But the author also tries to touch and grab all other forms of sincere affection for what one does in life, what one sees, experiences, and feels, so that he could share it with others. And please them.


Zima na ruky / Cold on Hands 



The subtitle of the novel by Dušan Dušek is “A short novel”, which indicates the genre and the length of the book. It is a story of two protagonists, the teacher Pajo and his childhood sweetheart Tamara, looking to find the direct opposite of cold: the warmth of human touch, in their relationship. Their hope is rewarded with unexpected results.

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