Anasoft litera

Etela Farkašová


2006 Finalist


(1943) Levoča


Prose writer, essayist and a philosopher fascinated by the phenomenon of time. She debuted in 1978 with the prose named Reprodukcia času / The Time Reproduction. The other proses reveal the tendency to capture the evasive destinies as well, mainly the destinies of women: Nedeľné fotografie / Sunday Photographs (1993), Deň za dňom / Day by Day (1997), Po dlhom mlčaní / After Long Silence (2001), Záchrana sveta podľa G. / Saving the World according to G. (2002) and Stalo sa / It Happened (2005).




Stalo sa / It Happened




The Slovak philosopher and writer struggles to overcome a long and painful leaving of a close person. Her “account” of the state of things expands in the process of writing and becomes a three dimensional picture of her mother´s life and its historical and geographical context.

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