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Karol D. Horváth


2006 Finalist


(1961) Bratislava


Dramaturgist, winner of the literary competition Poviedka 2004. He published short prose in the daily newspapers SME and Pravda, in the Vlna magazine, on the internet magazine, in the weekly newspaper Domino fórum and the Austrian magazine, Klub. He is an author of several dramas and dramatizations and a member of the literary group Živý dôkaz / Living Proof.

He published the collections of short stories Karol D. Horváth (2005), Karol D2 Horváth (2005) and in 2006, he published the third book named Karol 3D Horváth.


Karol D. Horváth

KK Bagala



The debut book of the journalist, script editor and prose writer Karol D. Horváth is composed of eleven short stories loaded with humor, including the winning prose of the literary competition Poviedka 2004 called Absolútny sluch (Absolute Pitch). It also comprises some short stories that had been published before.

In 2010, it was translated to Hungarian by Margit Garajszki and published by the publishing house L'Harmattan.





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