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Inge Hrubaničová


2008 Finalist




Worked in the Philological Institute of Ľudovít Štúr at the Slovak Academy of Sciences, acted in the Stoka theatre and now dedicates herself to author theatre (the SkRAT theatre), linguistic revisions of the texts. In SME daily she has a column called Slovenčina od slova do slova / Slovak Language Word by Word, she is a co-author of several dictionaries and the books of theatre texts. In 2007, she published the book Láska ide cez žalúďok / Love Runs through the Abdomen (the typographical mistake is on purpose in the Slovak original).






Láska ide cez žalúďok  / Love Runs through the Abdomen




The epic, the lyric and the dramatic approach alter and intertwine in the book that offers new perspectives (by mocking, parodying…) on all kinds of genres from language reference section, myth, epistolary novel or absurd drama to haiku or TV presenter´s speech. But this open-minded game with literary giants (Pushkin, Krasko, Lotman), with pillars of culture (Bible), popular stereotypes (the contrasts between the city and the countryside) and philosophic/ideological topics (fatherhood in feminism) is not motivated by a desire to provoke at all costs, but rather by a passionate interest in exposing the multifariousness of life.   




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