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Ján Johanides


2006 Finalist


 (1934) Dolný Kubín – (2008) Šaľa 


Studied the fine art history at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Commenius University in Bratislava, but was expelled in his third year for political reasons. He started his career as a corporate psychologist at a factory producing TV sets in the Orava region, later on he was an officer in the Slovak Writer’s Alliance in Bratislava, and an officer at the municipal courthouse in Bratislava, professional worker at the Institute of Art Criticism and Theatre Documentation. However, he dedicated himself mainly to writing. In 1972, he moved to Šaľa, where he died on 5th June 2008.

He debuted with a collection of short stories named Súkromie / Privacy (1963).


Podstata kameňolomu / The Essence of the Stone Pit (1965), Nie / No (1966), Nepriznané vrany / The Ignored Crows(1978), Balada o vkladnej knižke / The Ballad  about the Deposit Book (1979), Marek koniar a uhorský pápež / Marek the Ostler and the Hungarian Pope (1983), Slony v Mauthausene / The Elephants in Mathausen (1985), Pochovávania brata / Brother Burials (1978), Krik drozdov pred spaním / Outcry of the Blackbirds before Sleep (1992), Trestajúci zločin / The Punishing Crime (1995), Hmla na našej trpezlivosti (Príbehy dvoch žien) / The Fog of our Patience (Stories of Two Women) (2005).

More detailes on The Centre for Information on Literature webpage.


Hmla na našej trpezlivosti / The Fog of our Patience
(Príbehy dvoch žien)
/ (Stories of Two Women)

KK Bagala



The latest short novel by Ján Johanides incorporates elements of his most accomplished works: strong story, absorbing and detailed narration, brilliant language and unique style. The author depicts the ambiguity of contemporary reality full of conflicts, he analyses evil and looks for its roots with a relentless obsession.

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