Anasoft litera

Juraj Bindzár

2012 Finalist 

(1943) Pezinok


A theatre and film director, screenwriter, writer of theatre plays and radio drama, journalist, songwriter and poet. He studied Aesthetics and Theatre Studies at the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts (FF UK) in Prague and Theatre Directing at the Academy of Performing Arts (VŠMU) in Bratislava (1972). From 1975 to 1989 he worked as a dubbing director. He founded the LUDUS Studio for which he wrote and directed the plays Modrý vták, Robinson, Krava, Skaza akadémie, Turandot, etc. In 1967, he made the animated film Oko. The production of his next animated film Aplauz was suspended out of political reasons. A couple of years later, he made a live-action film called Okresné blues according to his own screenplay that featured some auteur music. He also participated on the production of the autobiographical TV film Oči plné snehu. Juraj Bindzár also wrote several radio dramas and adaptations. In 2001, he made his literary debut with the book called Krajina nespavosti, which was followed by Zabi ma nežne and Šibenica pre malého muža in 2002, Prázdny hrob (2003) and Tanec s mŕtvou slúžkou (2004). He is a laureate of the Pezinok Prize for Art Creation and he has been awarded the Slovenské Pohľady Prize for Cultural Journalism four times (in 1998, 2000, 2003 and 2005). In 2011, he published the “plebeian” novel Bez dúhy / Without a Rainbow nominated on Anasoft litera prize, in 2012 its continue Hekuba, román herečkyHekuba, novel by actress.


picture of author: Jana Lišaníková


Bez dúhy / Without a Rainbow



The life story of a not very likeable weirdo who is however as Slovak as sheep cheese: apple polisher, coward and commoner, descended from spineless servants and merciless catchpoles that have always represented the cornerstone of this basket case republic...    

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