Anasoft litera


Jana Juráňová


2007, 2009, 2011 and 2014 Finalist


(1957) Senica


Graduated in Russian and English language at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Commenius University in Bratislava. She worked as a dramaturgist in a theatre in Trnava, as the vice chief editor of the Slovenské pohľady (1991 – 1993) magazine, as a commentator in Radio Free Europe, editor of several book projects etc. In 1993 she and her coworkers established Aspekt, the feminist cultural educational and publishing project. She has been its coordinator ever since. Her individual works were translated into English, German, Hungarian, Slovenian and Swedish language. Her novels Orodovnice / Beadswomen (2006), Žila som s Hviezdoslavom / My Life with Hviezdoslav (2008), as well as the collection of short stories Lásky nebeské / Heavenly Loves (2010) and novella Nevybavená záležitosť / Unfinished Business (2013) were nominated for the literary price Anasoft litera.


Nevybavená záležitosť / Unfinished Business 




Jana Juráňová took various unfinished stories from her previous memoir book, an interview with Agneša Kalinová Mojich 7 životov (The Seven Lives of Mine). One of them became the source of inspiration for her prose Unfinished Business. The author approaches the story of a young woman through an old portrait. She enters lives of others in order to show them to us, too. With her inclination to contrast, she specifies the spaces and interactions, to which she puts her characters (me-narrator, Edita, Cat, Soňa, Mariška) in deeply detailed way. The presence is reflected upon shards of the past and vice versa.



Lásky nebeské / Heavenly Loves 




The book of short stories depicts love: platonic, idyllic, eternal, ordinary, tragic, comic, young, old, bulimic and even political. In other words, those innumerable forms of heavenly, but above all earthly love. In her earlier works, Juráňová had already proved her sense of humor. In Heavenly Loves, the humorous dimension is even more eminent, as the author employed not only an ironic, but also a self-ironic tone.



Žila som s Hviezdoslavom / Ilona. My Life with the Bard




Although Jana Juráňová wasn´t Hviezdoslav´s contemporary, she dug out from the archives and from her playful fantasy the contours of Ilona Országhová, born Nováková. This lady´s life revolved around nothing else than her husband, the great poet, Hviezdoslav. “And though after her husband´s death Ilona´s life became empty, she still had a purpose to live. Despite his physical body wasn´t there anymore, she had to take care of his body of work. And that was quite a task.”



Orodovnice / Beadswomen




Ružena, Klára, their mother and Elena. One family celebration where nothing comes out as it should. Or perhaps everything comes out just the way it should. And one funeral at the end. Jana Juráňová´s female characters are never just Women as it often happens in literature. They steal men from their wives or pull the strings of their own husbands. And the rest of them are the beadswomen.

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