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Daniela Kapitáňová


 2006 Finalist


(1956) Komárno


Graduated in theatre directing at FAMU in Prague. She lives in Bratislava. Teaches creative writing at the university in Nitra and in Slovak National Radio.

In 2000 she debuted with a novel Samko Tále: Kniha o cintoríne / Samko Tále: The Book about the Cementery.

She also dedicates herself to the theory of the detective genre, and in Pravda daily, she has published a series of parodies on the most famous detectives (Vražda v Slopnej / The Murder in Slopná, 2003) and she published a series of classical detective stories (Zostane to v rodine / It Will Stay in the Family, 2004), which was published as a book under the name Nech to zostane v rodine! / May It Stay in the Family! (2005).






Nech to zostane v rodine! / May It Stay in the Family!

KK Bagala



Another excellent story by Daniela Kapitáňová that doesn´t lack humor nor fantasy. This time she explored the detective genre and she chose the setting of a private television company that is preparing a reality show.  It is not a harsh, bloodthirsty story typical for modern prose written under the influence of foreign literature, but a gripping novel for all age groups.

Ať to zůstane v rodině!

Czech Republic




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