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Viliam Klimáček


2008 SME Readers’ Choice Award winner


(1958) Trenčín


After graduating from the Medical Faculty UK he worked as a surgeon and anaesthetist at the Clinic of Cardiovascular Surgery. Since 1985, as a co-founder, actor, director and scriptwriter, he has been one of the leading personalities of the Bratislavan alternative theatre GUnaGU. In the first half of the nineties he left his surgical practice and has been professionally dedicated to theatre ever since.

He has published the novels Panic v podzemí / Virgo in the Underground (1997), Váňa Krutov / Váňa Krutov (1999), Naďa má čas / Naďa Has Time (2002), Námestie kozmonautov / The Square of the Astronauts (2007) and Horúce leto 68 / Hot Summer 68 (2011), short stories Ďalekohladenie (the word game consisting of the transformed word farsightedness and stroking) (1991), fairy tales Noha k nohe / Foot by Foot (1996), poetry books Až po uši / Entirely (1988), Zdravotní knížka pro vojáky základní služby / The Health Book for the Soldiers of General Service (1991), Karamelky / Toffees (1992) and theatre texts Mária Sabína / Mária Sabína (1998) and the book Remix GUnaGU / Remix GUnaGU (2000). 





Námestie kozmonautov / The Square of the Astronauts
KK Bagala



A novel about the “invisible generation”, the people you meet every day in the street, or maybe even in your own mirror. The tragicomic couple of protagonists are in their forties and they belong to the GENERATION Ю. All their youth they were forced to write in Cyrillic alphabet and now everyone expects them to speak English. They have lost their ambitions, but not their dignity. That is why they go on living their grotesque lives as if Laurel and Hardy were trying to act in Hamlet. The novel The Square of the Astronauts won the first prize in the literary competition “ROMÁN 2006 Slovak Telekom”.







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