Anasoft litera

Monika Kompaníková


2007 Finalist, 2011 Winner

(1979) Považská Bystrica


Graduated in graphics and painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. She published her first short stories in literary magazines and anthologies, Poviedka 2001 and Poviedka 2003. In 2002 she debuted with collection of short stories Miesto pre samotu / A Place for Loneliness, which received Ivan Krasko Prize. Novella Biele miesta / Blank Spaces was short-listed for Anasoft litera 2007 and published in Serbian translation. Anasoft litera 2011 winner Piata loď / Boat Number Five is her first novel. In 2013 she published a children’s book, Hlbokomorské rozprávky / Deep-Sea FairytalesShe lives in Pezinok, has two kids.




Piata loď / Boat Number Five

KK Bagala



The novel The Fifth Ship narrates a story of children who set up their little secret family in a garden house. It is a substitute family in a substitute home. Kompaníková succeeded in the test of long prose writing as a great storyteller. Her ambition is to fill the emptiness caused by solitude.




The book was translated into Czech language and published by Větrné mlýny in 2012 under the title Pátá loď.

In 2014, it was published by Verlag Karl Stutz (Passau, Germany) under the name Das Fünfte Schiff, and in Arabian translation by Khalid Biltagi in Sefsafa publishing house in Cairo.









Biele miesta / Blank Spaces 



The short novel reflects authentically the reality of socially marginalized people. Its brilliantly detailed descriptions introduce the reader to the life in a Romany settlement. It doesn´t judge or criticize, it just sensitively depicts the environment, the mentality of the inhabitants, their mutual relations and their approach to life. Blank spaces raise our interest in the innermost essence of a human being.   


The book was translated into Serbian language and published by AGORA in 2010 under the title Bela mesta.



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