Anasoft litera

Márius Kopcsay

2006, 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2015 Finalist


(1968) Bratislava


He works as a commentator for SME daily. In 1998 he debuted with the collection of short stories Kritický deň / Critical Day, for which he was granted the Ivan Krasko award. After a longer time he published short stories Stratené roky / Lost Years (2004). His latest books Domov / Home (2005), Zbytočný život / Vain Life (2006), Mystifikátor / Mystifier (2008), Medvedia skala / Bear Rock (2009) and Jednouholník (2014)  have gotten into the finale of the Anasoft litera award.










Medvedia skala /
Bear Rock




The novel Medvedia skala / Bear Rock lingers in the tones of the summer existential depression an unhappy beginning and happy ending.

Kopcsay’s book is a priceless tour guide of the nearby parallel universes, but mainly in existentially drained space-time of our everyday life. Its hero – with the significative name Kozma – recapitulates his past, presence and future during an involuntary stay on the rock wall.

Mystifikátor /




The novel by Márius Kopcsay could be defined as an absurd story of a contemporary anti-hero, unable to “conduct” a successful existence. But it can be also read as a novel about the troubles our country has gone through from its constitution to the construction of the first supermarkets. Mystifier is a realist prose, a psychiatric file, a notebook of a paranoiac, a sci-fi, a political thriller, a parody on contemporary life, a literary comic or a pop-up genre. The novel asks the question if it is better to be the watched or the one who watches. And above all, it inquires who controls our fate? Is it us, some secret conspiracies or alien civilizations?

Zbytočný život /

Vain Life




The book vividly expresses the chaos and mess that have taken over the Slovak society at the dawn of capitalism.

Domov /

KK Bagala



A world without cell phones and supermarkets? Hard to imagine. And still, the world where the novel Home takes place is exactly like that, because it is set in the not so distant, yet almost forgotten past, in the nineties. The sincere story of a protagonist unable to pay his debts begins when he moves to a new flat. This change is accompanied by several, mostly unpleasant and depressing life situations. The novel is dedicated to all debtors and creditors.


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