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Peter Krištúfek

2009, 2011 & 2013 Finalist


(1973) Bratislava


 Graduated in film and TV directing. He has published three collections of short stories and a novel Hviezda vystrihnutého záberu / The Star of the Deleted Scene (2005). Together with Dado Nagy, he wrote a collection of deleted scenes from the scripts for the movie series Rota pomalého nasadenia / The Crew of Slow Employment (2006). His novel Šepkár / The Whisperer (2008) was nominated in behalf of Slovakia for Prix du Livre Européen. In 2009 he published the book Mimo času / Out of Time, in 2010 Blíženci a protinožci / Gemini and AntipodesHis latest novel Dom hluchéhoHouse of the Deaf Man portraying historical events of the 20th century Slovakia was published in December 2012.

He is the director of the acted TV film Dlhá krátka noc / Long Short Night and twenty author documents, last of which is a feature-length film about Dežo Ursiny called Momentky / Snapshots, which has been recently screened at a festival in Karlove Vary. His last feature film Viditeľný svet / Visible World (2011) was premiered in Karlove Vary too. 



Dom hluchého / The House of the Deaf Man

Marenčin PT



If you stop listening, you may completely lose your hearing. Alfonz Trnovský, a general practitioner from a small town of Brežňany has been trying to preserve his image of a radiant, happy and contented person, but the truth has been rather different. He rejected to listen to his own conscience, while he had to face the 20th century reality, four political regimes, the Jewish Question, the political trials, the secret service… and all those women he loved.  


Blíženci a protinožci / Gemini and Antipodes

Marenčin PT



A novel about relationships, sexuality, encounters and intertwining of feminine and masculine worlds, but also about memories and passions, authenticity and compromise. Adrian, a writer of intellectually challenging texts, writes books, articles and columns for other people. One day he is contacted by a prostitute who wants him to write about her troubled life. They have a passionate romance which ruins Adrian´s family and completely changes his worldview.

Šepkár / The Whisperer
Marenčin PT



A satirical novel about the absurd times we live in. A theatre prompter is hired by a politician and thanks to his “whispering skills” he becomes a grey eminence.




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