Anasoft litera

Laco Kerata


2010 Finalist


(1961) Nové Zámky


Graduated in theatre directing at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. During the period of 1991 – 2002 he performed in Stoka theatre, later he acted in theatre unions Med and Non.Garde. He has published books of poetry named Hriešny spánok / Sinful Sleep (1991), Prišiel som, videl som... / I Came, I Saw… (2000), two books of drama texts Rádiové hry / Radio Plays (1998) and Večera nad mestom / The dinner above the City (2001) a short comic prose collection Mám sa... / I Am Doing…(2004) and finally Zlý herec / Bad Actor (2008).










Zlý herec / Bad Actor

KK Bagala



The main character of the novel is an elderly over-dubbing actor, who was overshadowed by younger, predaceous and noticeably more-talented colleagues. His ambitions shrank into acting in soap operas and action movies. He stopped dreaming of the roles of great character heroes a long time ago, and he is glad to even get in at least some low-class one-liners. Kerata draws from his rich acting and directing experience. His confidential knowledge of over-dubbing and the media territory of Slovak artistic community helps him to depict the environment, the relationships and full-bodied characters.






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