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Silvester Lavrík

2007, 2012 Finalist

(1964) Spišský Štiavnik


Prose and drama writer, director, occasional publicist and visual artist, originally a Slovak language and art teacher. He is the laureate of several awards, the author of the short stories collection Allegro barbaro / Allegro Barbaro (2002), Zlodeji / The Thieves (2005) and Perokresba / Pen-Drawing (2006), the monodrama Villa Lola (2004) and the novel Zu (2011). He has written more than twenty theatre scripts. He lives and works in Bratislava and in Bánovce nad Bebravou. In 2007 he published a collection of five theatrical plays under the title of Hry / Plays.










In his first novel, Silvester Lavrík takes advantage of his ability to narrate interesting stories as a mosaic of hidden connections that lead to surprising conclusions. His vivid, modern and varied language, his sense of witty twists and a quick narrative pace make Lavrík´s writing an ideal precondition for a pleasant and first quality reading.


Perokresba / Pen and Ink Drawing




Pen and ink drawing is a traditional drawing technique. A pen with a wooden holder and a bottle with Indian ink. Portraits, vedutas, genre views. Illustrations, pictures in users´manuals. Caricatures, jokes, comics. The rhythm of scribbling marginal notes. That, and a lot more is contained in the term of pen and ink drawing, the technique based on mastering the pen. And that is what the author of this book has been trying to achieve. To master the pen. How traditional of him… 

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