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Ján Litvák

2008 Finalist


(1965) Bratislava


Studied at the University of Economics in Bratislava. In the 90’s he was an editor in the periodicals Kultúrny týždenník, Literárny týždenník and in Dotyky. He collected a selection of poems by Ján Stacho in the book named, Svadobná cesta / Honeymoon and together with R. Bielik, created the anthology of Slovak spiritual poetry Stratená v ľaliách / Lost in the Lilies. He dedicates his time to growing bio vegetables and old species of seeds. His last book is the collection of poems Vtáctvo nebeské / Celestial Birdlife. He lives in Bratislava.



Bratislavské upanišády / Bratislava Upanishads

F. R. & G.



Narrative and poetic texts by the author who used to be a part of the group called Barbarian Generation together with Kamil Zbruž and Andrijan Turan. Ján Litvák also published a collection of poems Kráľ kalichov, a book of short stories called Samoreč, a reportage book about India and a poetry book inspired by the Oriental influences entitled Živorodka.



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