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Michaela Rosová

2012 Finalist

(1984) Senica nad Myjavou


She studied dramaturgy in Brno and Bristol and she currently lives in Prague, where she works as a coordinator of projects in a translation agency. Her poetry and prose have been awarded at Jašíkove Kysuce, Literárny Kežmarok, Literárna Senica Laca Novomeského, Zlaté Moravce Janka Kráľa, Braneckého Trenčín, Gorazdov Prešov and many other literary contests. Her short stories have been chosen twice to the finals of the contest Poviedka (2005 a 2006). In 2006, she won a prize in the literary contest Román. She made her debut with the novel Hlava nehlava (2009). In 2011, she published the novelette Dandy 










KK Bagala


A novelette situated in contemporary Berlin. “If you lose your way in Berlin you may come across a bold young fop. Although he is thin and not very tall, he never passes unnoticed thanks to his red hat. If he´s in the mood for it, he may show you some secret places, buy you classy champagne and tell you a thing or two about life - about the life of a dandy...“


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