Anasoft litera

Štefan Moravčík


2010 Finalist

(1943) Jakubov 


Currently is the editor-in-chief of the magazine Slovenské pohľady. His extensive work involves devoting himself to poetry, prose, literature for children and youth and essay writing: O veľkej zmyselnosti bielych ovečiek / About the Great Sensuality of White Sheep (1970), Tichá domácnosť / Quiet Household (1981), Moravianska Venuša / Venus of Moravia (1984), Mlynárka má holubičku / Lady miller has a dove (1990), Zlatá kniha Záhoria / The Golden Book of Záhorie (2003), etc. 


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Záhorácky raj / Záhorie Paradise

Vydavateľstvo Matice slovenskej



Why is Záhorie the belly of the world? The answer is a peculiar mythology, full of original depictions, metaphors and language pirouettes, out of which mini-stories of Záhorie’s prototypes of all the good and bad human characteristics come alive in a flood of unrepeatable dialect. We find out surprising facts about founding Záhorie’s villages, Sološnica, Kuchyňa, Jabloňové, Lozorno, Stupava, where the old god Perun teases hot young fairies, Lada, Vesna, Mokoša, so that finally little Francek is born out of a chicken egg.

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