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Peter Karpinský

2010 Finalist


(1971) Gelnica


He works as the chair of the Slovak Language Department at the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Prešov. Besides writing literature, he dedicates himself to philology, the theory of comics and reviewing texts, mainly literature for children and youth.

In 1997, he debuted with a collection of short stories – a book called Announcement to All the Grave Owners for which he won the Rubato prize and the bonus of the Ivan Krasko prize.

For children he has written the fairy tale books Ako sme s Ťukťukom ťukťukovali / How Me and Pitapat Were Pitapating and Rozprávky z Múzea záhad a tajomstiev / The Fairy Tales from the Museum of Mysteries and Secrets.




Nanebonevzatie  / The Holy Non-Assumption




The Holy Non-Assumption is a mature, conceptually thought-out prose collection. It carries Karpinský’s sense of irony, and the comical elements enter the tragic situations. The cultivation of the second book is connected with erudition of the author, which manifests mainly in allusions of the Bible, myths and world literature. In his short stories, more plans overlap and are interconnected, reality and non-reality, a transformed myth with a present story. In an everyday environment of blocks of flats, a hospital, a newsstand,  a town and it’s remote countryside where strange things begin to happen, because the characters have supernatural powers – some events (even of our own lives) are not meant to be understood.


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