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Stanislav Rakús


2010 Winner


 (1940) Šúrovce


Since 1969 he has been working at the Slovak Language and Literature Department at the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Prešov. He debuted with the novel Žobráci / Beggars (1976).

Later on, he published the collection of short stories Pieseň o studničnej vode / The Song About The Water from the Well (1979), the novel Temporálne poznámky / Temporal Notes (1993), Nenapísaný román / The Unwritten Novel (2004), Excentrická univerzita / Excentric University (2008) and short stories Telegram / The Telegram (2009). 

Stanislav Rakús also wrote a book of comical fairy tales for children Mačacia krajina / The Cat Country (1986).

He was given the Dominik Tatarka Award.





Telegram / Telegram

KK Bagala



Stanislav Rakús’ prose collection Telegram / The Telegram, aimed at the second half of 20th century, has a humoristic, grotesque and tragicomic character. The parodying literary motives and contemporary totalitarian mechanisms play an important role in the book. They do not become the transparent shape in the form of a prose, but at the same time, more or less openly, they interfere with different spheres of deformity, but also with humanly saturated and interesting lifestyles.

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