Anasoft litera


2009 and 2011 Finalist


 (1971) Bojnice


Graduated at the Academy of Pedagogy in Slovak language and literature and English language. He debuted in 1999 with the book Svet je trest / The World Is a Punishment. In 2008, he published the novel V znamení hovna / In the Sign of Shit. In 2011 he entered among Anasoft litera finalists for the second time with the novel Kruhy v obilí / Crop Circles.











Kruhy v obilí / Crop Circles




This book is not what it seems. It is not about crop circles and it is not about death metal either. It is more probable that you will learn from it about juggling, chronic renal failure or transplantations. But neither these things are the subject- matter of the book. It is rather about the truth, although the truth is that it is not very truthful, as there is no ultimate truth to be found in it. And maybe it will give you the impression that the ultimate truth actually doesn´t exist. Because the truth is like crop circles. We can’t see them from the ground; we don’t understand them from above. Nobody knows exactly what they are. And nobody seems to be interested anymore.



V znamení hovna / In the Sign of Shit



The novel is composed of parallel stories of three protagonists from “both sides of death.” One of them is the first person narrator who tells us the story of his life; the second protagonist is called “Nula” (Zero), which pretty much illustrates his fate. The third, Hombre, was actually never born. His symbolic name indicates his role in the novel. His mother had an abortion and so his life had ended before it could begin. Hombre´s world is lonely in the beginning, but it gradually becomes more populated by those who left the world of the living (Zero´s and the narrator´s world) forever.  


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