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Juraj Šebesta

2009 Finalist


(1964) Bratislava


He is the director of the Municipal Library in Bratislava and worked in theatre institute before. There, he dedicated himself mostly to editing texts and translating. In 2005 he published his debut Triezvenie / Sobering Up (2005), the novel Keď sa pes smeje / When the Dog Laughs was published in 2008 as a common project of the publishing houses Juga and Edition Ryba.






Keď sa pes smeje / When the Dog Laughs
JUGA, Edition Ryba



There are plenty of troubles the high school student Tomáš has to face in the course of one year. Serious problems between his parents, conflicts with his father and mother, communication gaps, but also his studies, first loves and disappointments. He tries to overcome them with humor and with the help of Žofka, a small dachshund, his friend and therapist in one body. The foundling is no heroic dog, no Lassie or Wite Fang, but she is a very important part of the family, helping those who saved her. The contemporary novel talks both to the youth and to the adults, especially to parents of all age groups.   




Když se pes směje

Czech Republic




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