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Veronika Šikulová


Anasoft litera 2015 Winner,

2012 and 2010 SME Readers’ Award winner


(1967) Modra


Graduated in Journalism at the Faculty of Philosophy, Commenius University in Bratislava. She worked as a journalist. She published her first proses in the magazines and in the anthology of young authors called Druhý dych / Second Breath (1985). She debuted with the book Odtiene / Hues (1997) and has also wrote proses: Z obloka / From the Window (1999), Mesačná dúha / The Moon Rainbow (2003), Domček jedným ťahom / One-Stroke House (2009) and Miesta v sieti / Spaces in a Net (2011).







Miesta v sieti / Spaces in a Net




The autobiographically motivated novel by Veronika Šikulová traces the life stories of three women of one family: the grandmother Jolana, her daughter Alica and her granddaughter Verona. By means of reflecting on the sad but brave lives of the women in her family, Verona tries to fight her own sadness and confusion. They help her look for balance and discover her own “space in the net”. Her narration is colourful, rich in different flavours, smells, and characters coming from a world that doesn´t exist anymore. She also speaks about human tragedies and interventions of historical events such as war or the totalitarian regime. But the main focus of the novel is not on history and its influence on human lives. The novel is based on confessions of strong women who find the courage to live on and to take care of their families even when they have been left alone and have lost everything.



Domček jedným ťahom / One-Stroke House




While reading, the author of this book likes to feel that the written text has a “good flow”, like smoke out of a chimney. She has attempted to do the same in this book. Not the chimney, but she herself is putting the house in front of us, the one-stroke house, the short stories about her childhood, adolescence and also what came after that. She likes to tell stories and would be happy if her joy of storytelling was contagious, so that her readers would feel the same joy when reading the book as she was feeling when she was writing it, so that her “chimney” would flow well and heat up the place, so that her stories would have not only the chimney flow, but also the “flow into the gate”.




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