Anasoft litera

Víťo Staviarsky            

2008 and 2010 Finalist, 2013 Winner


(1960) Prešov


Graduated in scriptwriting at FAMU, took on various jobs, currently has his own business: fortunately only during the summer, because he writes in the winter. He has been published in magazines, and in 2001, he was a finalist of the literary competition Poviedka. He was also a 2008 finalist of the Anasoft litera award with his debut book Kivader (2007) as well as the following Záchytka / Drunk Tank (2008). His last book Kale topanky (2013) gained Anasoft litera 2013.





Kale topanky / Dark Shoes

Marenčin PT


The Romany and their tragicomic lives, the lives of the wheeler - dealers, the inhabitants of settlements and other peculiar characters and figures are the subject - matter of the book. The trafficker Ferdy was promised the young and beautiful Sabina as a compensation of a debt, but she fled and found the love of her life. The book spontaneously narrates the stories of Romany petty traders living in the east of Slovakia. It resembles Kusturica's movies full of passion, dramatic twists and humor.

Záchytka / Drunk Tank




The book consists of three proses, which are connected with the same environment and protagonist, the care-giver at a drunk tank. It was based on the author’s experience in this occupation. We encounter a mosaic-like storytelling about the everyday functioning of a drunk tank in an unspecified town in eastern Slovakia and odd figures, who pass around, as well as extraordinarily empathical portraits of characters, who create an emotional counterpart to an oblivious routine and pragmatic impassibility, which became an inevitable part of survival kit of Staviarsky’s protagonist.



Pavel Mervart / Vista



A story that takes place in a Romany settlement in the east of Slovakia is very particular in style, humor and poetics.



    In 2011, it was translated to Polish together with other Staviarsky's short stories and published under the name of Kiwader i inne opowieści by the publishing house Oficyna Wydawnicza Atut - Wrocławskie Wydawnictwo Oświatowe.  


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