Anasoft litera

Marek Vadas


2007 Winner


(1971) Košice


He studied Aesthetics and Slovak language and literature at the Fac- ulty of Philosophy of Comenius University in Bratislava. He debuted in 1994 with a collection of short stories Malý román / Little Novel (The Award of the Literary Fund). Together with Eman Erdélyi, they are the authors of the short story – novel Univerzita / University (1996) and of the collection of short stories Diabol pod čapicou / Devil Under the Cap (2001). In 2003, he published the collection of short stories Prečo sa smrtka smeje / Why Is Banshee Laughing. He experienced a few long-term stays in Africa (Cameroon, Chad, Gabon, Nigeria). For Rozprávky z čiernej Afriky / The Fairy Tales from Black Africa (2005) he was awarded The Bibiana award for the best book for children. In 2006, he published the collection of short stories Liečiteľ / The Healer and became Anasoft litera laureate. In 2013, he published the collection of short stories Čierne na čiernom / In Black and Black.




Liečiteľ / The Healer




Tropical Africa bewitched Marek Vadas to such an extent that after several expeditions, he decided to collect African tales that were published under the title of Rozprávky z čiernej Afriky / The Fairy Tales from Black Africa. This successful book was followed by the collection of 31 short stories Liečiteľ / The Healer, inspired by the ghosts and medicine men of the forest.


Відчайдушно гарне життя (Desperately Good Life)





A selection of short stories from the two books (Liečiteľ / The Healer and Prečo sa smrtka smeje / Why Is Banshee Laughingwas translated by Ivan Jackanin into the Ukrainian language and published by the Ukrainian publishing house Timpani.


A gyógyító


Magyar Napló



In 2013, Liečiteľ / The Healer was translated to Hungarian and published under the name of A gyógyító by the publishing house Magyar Napló.



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