Anasoft litera

Alta Vášová

Anasoft litera 2009 Winner, 2015 Finalist


(1939) Sevljusha, Ukraine


Graduated in mathematics and physics, she worked as a teacher, although she was a tour guide and a chamber woman at the Zvíkov, as well. Between 1968 – 1970 she worked as a dramaturgist in the Czechoslovak Television. During the normalization, she was writing at home. Since 1978 she wrote scripts for Slovak Film Production. She published the proses Zaznamenávanie neprávd / Noting Down the Untruth (1970), Miesto, čas, príčina / Place, Time and Cause (1972), Po / After (1979), V záhradách / In the Gardens (1982), Sviatok neviniatok / The Holiday of Innocents (1992), Niekto ako ja / Somebody Like Me, Osudia / Polling Urns (1995), Natesno / Intimately (1997), Ostrovy nepamäti / Immemorial Islands (2008). She wrote the scripts for the films Román o base / The Novel about the Bass or Sladké hry minulého leta / Sweet Games of Last Summer, librettos for the musicals (Cyrano z predmestia / Cyrano from the Suburbs, Neberte nám princeznú / Don’t Take Our Princess Away) and theatre plays.



Ostrovy nepamäti / Immemorial Islands

F. R. & G.



A cycle of four freely arranged texts that are interconnected by an autobiographical memory-immemory. 









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