Anasoft litera

Pavel Vilikovský


Anasoft litera 2006 and 2014 Winner,

SME Readers’ Award 2011 Winner,

2007, 2010 and 2015 Finalist


(1941) Palúdzka


He worked as an editor in the publishing house Tatran and as the editor-in-chief assistant in Romboid, the literary monthly magazine. He dedicates himself to translation, as well.  He debuted with a collection of short stories Citová výchova v marci / Emotional Education in March (1965). Further books include: Prvá veta spánku / The First Sentence of Sleep (1989), Večne je zelený... / It’s Always Green (1989), Kôň na poschodí / Horse Upstairs, Slepec vo Vrábľoch / The Blind man in Vráble  (1989), Eskalácia citu / Escalation of Feeling (1989), Krutý strojvodca / The Cruel Engine Driver (1996), Posledný kôň Pompejí / The Last Horse of Pompeii (2001), Čarovný papagáj a iné gýče / The Magical Parrot and Other Kitsches  (2005), with which he won the Anasoft litera award and other awards. He is also the laureate of the Dominik Tatarka Award.


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Pes na ceste / Dog on the Road




A retired editor Iks Ypsilon follows the path of the sharp critic of Austria and its people, Thomas Bernhard. In the spirit of the Austrian author, based on his own literary memories, he draws up a merciless interpretation of the life of Slovak society, especially of our relation to our national literature. 




In 2013, it was translated to Hungarian and published under the name of Kutya az úton by the publishing house Kalligram, and also to Czech language and published under the name of Pes na cestě by the publishing house Větrné mlýny.


Vlastný životopis zla / The Autobiography of Evil




The work of Pavel Vilikovský could be designated as a novel searching for the essence of evil. It is a novel about the fear, which we were raised on in socialism, the novel about our twisted picture of freedom. It takes place during the fifties – up to the present. The main character of the first part of the novel is lured out of a small Austrian village to Vienna’s Russian zone by the National Security, he is driven back to Bratislava and imprisoned in a conspiratorial flat. They force him, through blackmailing, to turn in his friends in Bratislava. The second part of the novel is the narration of the pensioned literature teacher who is studying Goebbels’ diaries, pushed by the effort to ascertain the origin of evil. The teacher decides to investigate the fate of Mária M. who has been missing for twenty years. 



Silberputzen / Silberputzen
Vydavateľstvo PT



A complete literary diviner has materialized an imaginary contemporary of the epoch before World War I and recorded his extremely vivid and trustworthy testimony.


Čarovný papagáj

a iné gýče / The Magical Parrot

and Other Kitsches

Slovenský spisovateľ



Pavel Vilikovský proves his short prose mastery in this book, depicting with grace situations and characters that are both serious and grotesque.


In 2007, it was translated to Czech and published under the name of Kouzelný papoušek a jiné kýče by the publishing house Kniha Zlín.






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