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Milan Zelinka 


Anasoft litera 2008 Winner

2006 & 2013 Finalist


 (1942) Igram


Prose writer, poet and essayist. From the books: Dych / Breath (1972), Smädné srdce / Thirsty Heart (1974), Belasé ráno / Sky-Blue Morning (1978), Slamienky z Makova / Immortelles from Makov (1980), Kvety ako drobný sneh / The Flowers like Tiny Snow (1982), Mechanici / The Mechanics (1983), Povesť o strýkovi Kenderešovi / The Tale about Uncle Kendereš (1985), Havraní dvor / The Raven Yard (1988), Krajina / The Country (1993), Príbehy z Karpát / The Stories from Carpathians (2005), Teta Anula / Aunt Anula (2007), Nevyspytateľný svet / Inscrutable World (2009), Rudenko (2011), Pristaš / The In-law (2012).



Photo (c) Jozef Ondzik


Pristaš / 

The In-law
Slovenský spisovateľ



The newest prose fiction by Milan Zelinka is a follow- up to his previous books Teta Anula and Rudenko. It is a unique “book of memories” of the protagonist Štefo Relich, native of the village in the west of Slovakia, called Šúr. He narrates his childhood and youth from the point of view of an adult man that has moved to the east of Slovakia and started a family there. Similarly to the rest of Zelinka´s literary works, this prose has a very authentic narrative style and an original sense of humor.  



Teta Anula /

Aunt Anula
Slovenský spisovateľ



A mosaic of anecdotic narrations interconnected by a microcosm of funny and unconventional characters creates an enclosed story of a community living in the west of Slovakia.




Príbehy z Karpát /

The Stories from Carpathians

Slovenský spisovateľ



Stories of ordinary people situated in different historical periods, including in the present, revive something that has vanished from Slovak prose long ago: ordinary human behavior, envy and compassion, bad manners, absurdity and unintentional, spontaneous humor. In other words: humaneness that is not artificial nor does it have to be invented by the author, who simply writes about what he knows.  


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