Anasoft litera

Svetlana Žuchová

2007, 2012 and 2014 Finalist


(1976) Bratislava


She made her debut with the book of short stories Dulce de leche (2003) that was awarded the Prize of the Literary Fund. Her novel Yesim (2006) was chosen to the finals of the Anasoft litera. Then she published the novel Thieves and Witnesses (2011) and . Apart from publishing her own books, she has also translated several books from English and German. She studied medicine and psychology and she works as a psychiatrist in Munich, Germany.








Obrazy zo života M. / Pictures from M.’s Life

Marenčin PT



Marisia works as a nurse in a hospital. After the death of her mother, she decides to return to Slovakia from her previous home in Vienna. She encounters her step-brother, whom she didn’t know of before. In such way, the everyday, monotone life becomes exciting, thanks to unexpected situations. The main motives of the story are the family relationships, the new ones, as well as the old ones, both the personal and the formal and the level of their importance.


Zlodeji a svedkovia / Thieves and Witnesses

Marenčin PT



Four characters, immigrants, do all they can to assimilate with the new environment. The material goods they wish for are not that easy to acquire, that is why they also resort to illegal practices. A struggle to adapt in a foreign world and a search for answers to the questions whether a man is enrooted somewhere and what life decisions lead to happiness, are the main themes of the novel. A competition between those who stayed in their home country and those who left in search of freedom and wellbeing results in a draw. There is neither a happy relationship nor prosperity awaiting any of them.






A novelette with a challenging structure and highly cultivated language is a monologue of a female music composer whose need to talk brings her to see a therapist. Her life is driven by escaping from one situation to another, from one place to another. The reader identifies with the silent therapist and becomes the recipient of her monologues.




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