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Zuska Kepplová


2012 Finalist

(1982) Bratislava


She graduated in script writing and script editing from the Academy of Performing Arts, Bratislava. She is currently finishing her PhD studies at the Central European University in Budapest. In the literary contest Poviedka 2005, she won the first prize with her short story Baladička o víkende. In 2011, she published her first book Buchty švabachom / Buns in Schwabacher Typeface, in which she tries to take her short stories to another level. They explore urban centres, essayistic style and theoretical dimensions. The book has earned her the Ján Johanides Prize 2012.


Buchty švabachom / Buns in Schwabacher Typeface

KK Bagala 

A pocket-guidebook-sized booklet is a guide to the world of young Slovaks who have decided to try their luck abroad. The book speaks to the generation of thirty- something people and it speaks from their experience. It is written in a very original and authentic language thanks to which it reads very smoothly.  

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