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published: 18.03.2016

Anasoft litera 2016 Finalists

The literary prize Anasoft litera has announced the shortlist of ten finalists on March 15th 2016From 191 books of prose fiction the jury selected the following titles (in alphabetical order):

Balla: Veľká láska (Koloman Kertész Bagala)

Jana Beňová: HoneymOon (Marenčin PT)

Irena Brežná: Nevďačná cudzinka (Aspekt)

Dušan Dušek: Ponožky pred odletom (Vydavateľstvo SLOVART)

Zuska Kepplová: Reflux  (Koloman Kertész Bagala)

Rút Lichnerová: Hostina (Marenčin PT)

Peter Macsovszky: Tantalópolis (Vydavateľstvo Drewo a srd / Vlna)

Jaro Rihák: Pentcho. Príbeh parníka (Marenčin PT)

Vanda Rozenbergová: Slobodu bažantom (Vydavateľstvo SLOVART)

Peter Šulej: Spolu (Marenčin PT)


The jury deciding about the finalists and the winner of the 11th annual literary prize is composed of: literary theoreticians Zuzana Bariaková, Marta Součková and Radoslav Passia, translator Stanislav Vallo, and Petr Minařík, a publisher from Czech Republic.


The annual literary prize Anasoft litera is being awarded for the best original Slovak fiction work or for the translation of the original fiction work of authors, who are the citizens of Slovak Republic and their works or the translations of their works to Slovak language are published in the previous year.


The evaluation of selected works is arranged in two rounds. In the second round, only the ten best titles from all published books are being considered.


“As in the previous year, we had to cope with the growth in quantity in prosaic production which unfortunately isn’t directly proportional to the quality of the texts” concluded the members of the jury. “In this year’s top ten the notorious and (proved) names of Slovak prevail, with complete absence of the youngest generation. As the general trend seems greater consideration for the demands of the reader manifested in both thematic and formal aspect. Writers’ focus shifts from short stories to novel and it’s more or less decomposed forms. A significant amount of works thematise intimate or family history, some of the texts react to actual socio-political situation or significant events of modern or elder history. Texts utilise various genres and work with both realistic narrative and more experimental, hybrid approaches. However, the works of the established authors presented a prevailing tendency towards and replication or variation of proven approaches."


The winner, who receives 10 000 eur prize, will be announced after the second round in September 2016. The final prize will be awarded by the general partner of the literary prize, the software corporation Anasoft. The public can participate in online voting which would decide about the winner of the “Readers’ Anasoft litera prize 2016”.


The best ten titles will be presented on the literary festival Anasoft litera fest, which will be held from 25th to 30th April in Bratislava. Besides readings, discussions and workshops the festival will also offer strong musical programme - Czech industrial-folk musician Kittchen, Slovak artists Herzog Herzog and Genius Locci. VENI ensemble with Daniel Matej will premiere two pieces: MORSeARIA (miserere) dedicated to the memory of Juraj Kušnierik, and JMF for DM, other part of the programme is an exhibition of book illustration in Slovak prose.


In the ten year’s history of the prize the was awarded to Marek Vadas, Milan Zelinka, Alta Vášová, Stanislav Rakús, Monika Kompaníková, Balla, Víťo Staviarsky, Veronika Šikulová a two times Pavel Vilikovský. 

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