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published: 09.03.2017

Surprising Final Ten of Anasoft litera 2017


On Wednesday, March 8, 2017, the ten finalists of the 12th year of the Anasoft litera literary award were announced live on Rádio Devín. The judging panel was choosing out of historically the largest amount of automatically nominated titles. The books that got in truly surprised.


The professional panel was choosing out of 227 titles. It is the highest number of Slovak prosaic books the panel of the Anasoft litera prize has evaluated so far. Finally, the judging panel consisting of Veronika Rácová, Ivana Hostová, Ján Gavura, Michal Habaj and Pavel Matejovič selected the following ten titles in alphabetical order:


Bindzár, Juraj: Silently and Shortly (Mlčky a krátko), Orman, 2016

Cigánová, Zuzana: Evol (Aksál), Vydavateľstvo Spolku slovenských spisovateľov, 2016

Fulmeková, Denisa: Lilly of the Valley (Konvália), Vydavateľstvo SLOVART, 2016

Gibová Ivana: Barbora, the God & Catharsis (Barabora, boch & katarzia), Marenčin PT, 2016

Havran, Michal: The Analphabet (Analfabet), Marenčin PT, 2016

Juhás, Jakub: The New Year’s Ascent on the Jasenina Hill (Novoročný výstup na Jaseninu), RUBATO, 2016

Karika, Jozef: The Rupture (Trhlina), Ikar, 2016

Lavrík, Silvester: Sunday’s Chess with Tiso (Nedeľné šachy s Tisom), Vydavateľstvo Dixit, 2016

Staviarsky, Viťo: The Journey of Rinaldo (Rinaldova cesta), Viťo Staviarsky, 2015

Štefánik, Ondrej: I, Paula (Som Paula), Vydavateľstvo TATRAN, 2016


“Despite the large number of books evaluated, the choice of the final ten was not a simple one whatsoever. When deciding, the quality of the text itself was of greater importance than the author’s name. Also, it turned out that a well-written genre literature can be more compelling than a not-so-well managed attempt for an artistic text, though with higher ambitions. The publishing of some books seemed to be hasty and they would need more precise authorial and editorial work,” the judging panel of Anasoft litera 2017 noted with regard to their selection of this year.


Out of the finalists of Anasoft litera, this year, half of the writers have been nominated for the first time, the other half consists of multiple finalists of the previous years and there is even one winner of the prize.


The finalists of Anasoft litera as well as the ten books will be introduced at the Anasoft litera fest (April 19 – April 25, 2017).


About the prize:

Anasoft litera is the best priced and the most prestigious Slovak literary award for original prose published in the past year which puts the emphasis not only on the financial award for the author of the best book (10.000 EUR), but mainly on the promotion of ten final books announced by the judging panel at the end of each April. The privilege of Anasoft litera is, predominantly, the automatic nomination of all Slovak prosaic titles and the judging panel being changed every year.

The prize originated in 2006 and up to the present day, the following writers have been awarded: Marek Vadas, Milan Zelinka, Alta Vášová, Stanislav Rakús, Monika Kompaníková, Balla, Víťo Staviarsky, Pavel Vilikovský (twice), Veronika Šikulová and, most recently, Peter Macsovszky. Thanks to the readers’ voting, we were also able to announce other writers who have won the Readers’ Prize: Jaroslava Blažková, Dušan Dušek, Viliam Klimáček, Pavol Rankov, Veronika Šikulová, Pavel Vilikovský, Veronika Šikulová once again, Lucia Piussi, Tomáš Varga, Peter Balko and, once again, Dušak Dušek. The literary award is a standard writing prize the aim of which is to raise the awareness of the original literature, motivate the writers, inform the readers and support the publishers, booksellers and librarians. The winner of Anasoft litera 2017 will be announced at the beginning of September.

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